Immune region on chromosome 12 + 18

The regulators for the immune system in dogs are located on chromosome 12. An additional region on chromosome 18, called DLA-79, is also responsible for the function of the immune system. In addition, the regulatory factor Rfx1 controls T-cell activation and thus the immune response on chromosome 20, which ensures expression.

The effectiveness of an immune system, especially in fighting invaders such as bacteria and viruses, depends on its genetic diversity. If the region in the immune regions is not diverse (homozygous), then the immune system may not respond as well. The result is autoimmune diseases and recurring health problems.

For each individual dog and its offspring, a well-functioning immune system is important to be well equipped in case of illness.

Currently, our All Breeds dog dna test includes:

Chromosom 12

  • DLA-64
  • DLA-DQA1
  • DLA-DRB1

Chromosom 18

  • DLA-79

From now on, it is possible to accurately predict the genetic diversity in the immune system, including for your puppies, because we will show you which haplotype (gene sequence) your dog harmonizes best with.