About All Breeds

“All Breeds” is a renowned health organization that specializes in the health and well-being of dogs. The organization offers a wide range of genetic tests that are available for all dog breeds. Their main goal is to provide dog owners and veterinarians with valuable genetic information to improve the health, behavior, and quality of life of their dogs.

Here are some of the main services and offerings of “All Breeds”:

  1. Genetic tests for all dog breeds: “All Breeds” offers a wide range of genetic tests tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each dog breed. This includes genetic tests for hereditary diseases, genetic susceptibilities, and other health-related factors.
  2. Comprehensive Database: The organization operates a comprehensive database where the results of genetic tests are stored. This database is accessible to registered users and contains information about dog health, genetic predispositions, and pedigrees. Dog owners can use the database to learn more about the genetic health of their animals.
  3. Consultation and Resources: “All Breeds” provides qualified genetic counseling services to dog owners and veterinarians. Based on the results of genetic testing, experts can provide advice on health prevention, breeding decisions, and the selection of appropriate treatment options.
  4. Research and Development: The organization invests in research and development to continuously develop new genetic tests and improve existing ones. This helps to keep the healthcare of dogs up to date with the latest scientific advancements.
  5. Community Education: “All Breeds” actively engages in educating the dog community about the importance of genetics for the health of dogs. It offers training, seminars, and informational materials to provide dog owners with a better understanding of the genetic aspects of dog healthcare.


The offer of personalized test kits and services for breeders and clubs is another important aspect of the services provided by “All Breeds”. These tailored offers aim to help breeders and clubs make informed breeding selection decisions and optimize the genetic health of their dogs. Here are some of the specific services that “All Breeds” offers to breeders and clubs:

  1. Breeding Consultation: The organization can offer breeders consultation services to select the best breeding partners based on genetic information. This helps minimize the risk of hereditary diseases and genetic problems in the offspring.
  2. Customized Test Packages: “All Breeds” can create personalized genetic test packages specifically tailored to the needs of a particular dog breed or breeding program. These packages can include tests for commonly occurring genetic diseases and specific breed characteristics.
  3. Pedigree and inheritance analysis: The organization can conduct detailed analyses of a dog’s pedigree to identify genetic anomalies and draw conclusions about its genetic heritage. This is particularly important for breeders who want to improve the quality of their breeding lines.
  4. Club Partnerships: “All Breeds” can enter into partnerships with dog clubs to offer their members exclusive offers and training. This promotes awareness of the importance of genetic health in breeding and in the dog community in general.
  5. Further education and training: The organization can offer training sessions and workshops for breeders and associations to help them deepen their genetic knowledge and learn the best practices in breeding.


The personalized services offered by “All Breeds” contribute to improving the quality of breeding programs, minimizing genetic health risks, and promoting the long-term health and vitality of purebred dogs. This is crucial for breeders and associations committed to the responsibility and protection of purebred dogs.